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Check the "Nordegg Community Association (NCA) announcements" box if you would also like to receive Nordegg event, NCA meeting, etc announcements.

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The Squeek is published in March, May, July, September, and December.  Announcements include things that are about to happen like movie night, the corn roast, etc.  News includes local stuff we consider to be "news worthy" and was missed in the Squeek or can't wait till the next Squeek.  Ads are when we really can't call something news or an announcement but still deserves a chance to be sent via the 'list'.  Most things wait until the next Squeek.  On average we send about 2 to 4 emails a month.  Your name is optional but it gives us a better picture of who we are reaching.

If you have news appropriate for this list you can contact us by email at or, by fax at 888 314-3690, by cell or text at 403 846-7632
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